Catalog#: tube245
Genre, Style: Ambient
Release Date: 16 Jan 2012

Source’s preview:

‘Colliding Textures’ is the third release from mon0 here at test tube. After ‘Beyond’ (2008) and ‘Multifidus’ (2009), this german musician and deejay delivers another thriving collection of dense and ultra atmospheric drones, which has come to be his creative signature.

All four tracks are well over 10 minutes long and they all start gently with a long fade in and then begin to develop textures throughout their end. Beware of the heavy use of bass frequencies, because these tracks might break your living room windows if you put your amp volume too loud.
As with previous mon0 releases, this new work is amazing in density and in the use of textural sounds and landscape ambient backgrounds. It is a glorious experience for any listener, even if one isn’t much into dark ambient. And this album will really overcome itself with the use of closed casket headphone.


01 • Cathedral of the lost
02 • March into desperation
03 • Distant reality
04 • Orbit


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