Label: United Studios Corporation
Catalog#: USC-WR-1711.0388
Genre, Style: Ambient, Synth-pop
Release Date: 30.11.2017

ЦитатаFor all times the Far North in the eyes of common men appeared as an inhospitable wilderness with an extreme climate. Due to severe weather even nowadays many people consider polar regions as the edge of the world. Only the bravest and desperate explorers – pilots and sailors, voyagers and scientists – dare to challenge merciless nature and pave the northern path risking their lives. Polar nights that last for half a year, insidious embrace of whiteout, fantastic Aurora Borealis and orange glare of sunrise above the horizon… And only a few research stations remain frail islands of life among silent icy kingdom as outposts of human curiosity and devotion. Wonderful people serve in places like this: solitude doesn’t frighten them, as they feel encouragement of their friends and families behind their back and with spiritual power they expand the conquered area.


01. The Beginning of the Path (3:12)
02. Arctic Flight (10:59)
03. Whiteout (7:02)
04. Polar Expedition Part 1 (2:26)
05. Polar Expedition Part 2 (5:02)
06. Ice Fields (7:23)
07. Acoustics of the Ice (2:36)
08. People on the Ice Floe (7:51)
09. A Lone Iceberg (6:40)
10. The Northern Path (5:59)
11. Over the Pole (3:28)
12. Orange Horizon (7:49)
13. Beyond the Path (3:41)