Label: Acustronica
Catalog#: AT053
Genre, Style: Experimental, Ambient, Jazz, Post-Rock
Release Date: September 15, 2016
Country: Italia

Info: “The seven multilayered pieces presented here are hybrids meticulously built up of acoustic and electronic elements both composed and improvised. Synthesizing a complex relationship of lyricism and abstraction, acoustic double bass and drums define melodic and rhythmic figures against an ambient field constructed of electronic textures. The emergent sound is a weave of modallyinflected melodies floating over propulsive, intricate rhythms and harmonic blocks carved out of electronic matter.”


1. Autopoiesis 06:55
2. An Eclipse Of Images: Gathering In 05:56
3. The Occulted Measure 05:41
4. Multiple Horizons 09:18
5. An Eclipse Of Images: Atopos 04:26
6. Transparency And Its Shadow 08:53
7. The Stream Under Consciousness 08:41



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