Label: batenim
Catalog#: BN_LP019_10_16
Genre, Style: Ambient
Release Date: October 3, 2016
Total running time: 1h / 11m / 32s

Info: “kosmische is the name of the new album by Marco Lucchi, an artist who likes to call himself “a cosmic messenger”. Dilated sounds that cancel the perception of space and time, transporting the listener in dimensions where nature transforms the shapes and colors, making them equally circumscribed in an area beyond the forest where a law of silence is not written, to which everyone is ready sadly to respect blindly without question. black spots bring out ample shaded areas where the distance is preparing to cash and epidermal emerging areas of light, reminiscent of faded pictures belonging to a now distant time, almost forgotten. This is much more is contained in “kosmische”, a seemingly synthetic hard but born of sound research of enlarged synth and never dull, born of an original composition made with keyboards, the true artist’s tool that makes use of a recorder or recording software. Two lapping psychedelic songs dedicated to Florian Flicke, composer and leader of the German band Popol Vuh, who passed away on December 29, 2001. An album that embraces flavors far beyond the boundaries of objective reality seeming to give space to the long wait a future in becoming. The artist expressed himself as follows about the genesis of his work: “I was made for loving and making recorded music. Generally I compose music starting from the sound of keyboards, but my real instrument is the recorder, or recording software”, also highlighting how strong the power of music. I trust always in the evocative power of music and Orphic, in its ability to redelivering more real worlds and the most righteous, most beautiful, the kind you usually live.”


01. Kosmische
02. Il Giardino di tutte le Delizie