Label: Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel
Catalog#: PN121
Genre, Style: Ambient, Experimental
Release Date: June 07, 2017
Country: Argentina
Time: 00:25:19

Info: “MOVIL/INMOVIL (Mobile/Immobile) is a sonic exploration of two worlds as seemingly distinct as are mobile musical applications and a Steinway grand piano.

This work of Luis Marte and Roger Delahaye aka Poltamento concentrates on a single musical space-time and, in the form of a single perspective, two dimensions that are both physical and categorical, the mobility and portability of electronic and granular software on one side, and the immobility of the great acoustic giant on the other. Categories of space and size, which are also of texture and dissimilar sonic thickness, nevertheless fused and assumed as part of a whole by ambient moments that are also impressionistic …

These fragments, wherein the warmth of the wood and the glitch’s abstraction solidify into a single entity, show us that the possible “N” worlds can converge in a singular sound synthesis, where the extremes touch and coexist, where, as Einstein said a century ago, motion or status depends on the viewer’s point of view, in this case the listener.”


1. movilinmovil 1 – 05:52
2. movilinmovil 2 – 06:52
3. movilinmovil 3 – 04:30
4. movilinmovil 4 – 03:54
5. movilinmovil 5 – 04:14

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