Label: Tukuringra Netlabel
Catalog#: [Tuk 31]
Genre, Style: Experimental, Ambient
Release Date: 2013-08-27


A psychedelic freak sideshow – faces of sound dementia! It’s a result of long recording and mixing work, which began back in 2012 – I used shaving machines, heat radiators, water-whistles, clocks, heavy iron gates, guitars, gusli, voices, field recordings, and so on. Special thanks to Vsevolod Botvinnik (Timoneus), Halgrath, and Viktoria Andreychuk, to Chema Alonso, Mark Dymond, to my cat Kasya and everybody.


1 Crawling Clock
2 Lord Of Rabbits No Place Under The Sun
3 Prosaic
4 Brain Resonance
5 Alien Orchestra
6 Move Your Finger To The Polar Star
7 Primordial Hazard
8 Waltz For pablo Picasso
9 A Postcard From The Past
10 Locomotion
11 Luminiscence
12 Birds Are Going South
13 Gigante De Atacama
14 Nocturne
15 They Came From Outer Space And Forgot Why
16 Lunatic Circus
17 Caught In A Globular Trap
18 That’s Why We Are Bipedal
19 Tesla’s Not Dead
20 Don’t Betray Your Absence
21 Conspiracy Of Lot’s Daughters


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