Label: We Are All Ghosts
Catalog#: waag_rel097
Genre, Style: Ambient, Experimental
Release Date: 12 Mar 2017
Country: UK
Artwork: Andreas Schwietzke, used with permission
Design and Logistics: Thomas Mathie

Info: “I get really excited when I receive an album from Cousin Silas and Kevin Lyons. Theirs is a particularly vibrant collaboration, one that points to the very best of weird and science fiction. “The Moorcock Principle” is their fifth outing and the very name of it speaks of the very best in fantastical writing.
I could be wrong but I’m sure track three – Frank & Jerry’s Final Confrontation – refers to Michael Moorcock’s character, Jerry Cornelius.

This is my kind of ambient music: evocative and entertaining … it provides the very best kind of soundtrack for reading or other similarly engaging endeavours. I lose myself in the waves of sound that are presented, the combination of Cousin Silas’ ambient guitars and Kevin Lyons’ electronics is, most definitely, a match made in the Multiverse.

So too is their ongoing partnership with artist, Andreas Schwietzke; his art so effectively catches the gist of what they are saying with their music. Our thanks go to Andreas, once more, for the permission to use his wonderful work.

As a result of the generous support of Cousin Silas and Warren Daly … and the wonderful waag community …

I really hope you will enjoy “The Moorcock Principle” as much as I do … just make sure there are no microbes on Uranus as you do.” – Thomas


1. Time of Passage 05:37
2. World on a Wire 04:46
3. Frank & Jerry’s Final Confrontation 05:56
4. Abandoned Space Lanes 04:48
5. Above Saturn 05:21
6. Microbes on Uranus 06:21
7. Dr Morpheus Takes An Asprin 06:01
8. Random Orbit 08:28
9. Machine Code 06:07
10. The Insidious Private Life Of The Music Thief 06:56
11. The Weapon Shops Of Isher 06:57
12. Captain Oswald Sets A Course For Bombay 03:52
13. Entropy Blues 04:35