Label: Hortus Conclusus Records
Catalog#: HCR2017
Genre, Style: ambient, experimental, dark ambient
Release Date: 2017
Written and composed: Cousin Silas
Cover art: Emiliano Pietrini


Cousin Silas’ “A Fall Of Moondust” is an album that captures a lightweight oneric physiognomy and transports this feeling via soothing guitar sound waves to the ears of the listeners. If there is one particular strength that truly distinguishes Silas’ ambient compositions from the well-populated genre, it is the merciless focus on sharply carved-out but eternally smooth melodies. Don’t expect convoluted drone layers, eclectic beat patterns or the misty reverberation of plinking chimes which fades into the pitch-black distance. No, this is essentially (and frankly wonderfully) an album that gathers six simple – but not simplistic – evocative melodies. I am using the term simple on purpose and do not intend to degrade the compositional qualities or ornaments in any way. I use it in order to explicate Silas’ straightforward approach. It is downright refreshing sometimes to hear crunchy, organic, clear melodies without the usual molecules and post-effects that are often applied to the ambient, dark ambient and drone genre. Set the speakers at the louder possible volume and the whole immensity of the universe will be painted in your room. Welcome home indeed.


1. A Fall Of Moondust – 13:16
2. Mid Morning Heat – 10:28
3. Ending Of The Week – 08:01
4. The Night Begins – 04:35
5. Empty Road – 10:14
6. In Vain – 30:46

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