Label: Kahvi Collective
Catalog#: kahvi386
Genre, Style: Ambient, IDM
Release Date: June 19, 2017
Mastering: Mnemonic Studios
Country: UK

Info: A new artist comes to Kahvi now, Circa State appeared in my inbox recently with a nice chilled selection in the form of a demo which grabbed my attention from the start. A blend of ambient and emotional sounds, with more acoustic inspired elements, taking you on a journey through a summer field with the grass sweeping in the breeze. RnB beats threaten to blow away the gentle vibes, but never too overpowering.

A great introduction to the hot summer months by Circa State.


1. Landing Track 01:48
2. Summer Dream 04:42
3. Passenger 03:57
4. Follow me into the unknown 04:32
5. Stutter Step 05:29
6. Undergrowth 04:54
7. Addendum 04:54
8. Slow Wonder 03:01

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